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Courtney Nicks

For me, growing up in rural Missouri meant riding on the tailgate of grandpa’s pickup truck checking cows in the morning, venturing to the dead end to skip rocks across the creek in the afternoon, and heading to the slab to catch some smallies after dinner. Exploring the countryside early on, I developed a passion for the outdoors. My parents taught me the value of wading through the creek and sitting in that deer stand on opening morning. To be honest, some of my best memories are of catching crawdads and hearing the thunder of a turkey gobble at daybreak. My parents are business owners who taught me the value of a handshake and you get out what you put in.

There’s not much hard work and honesty can’t get you. These ethics, along with my love and appreciation for nature molded my career. As a wildlife biologist for nearly ten years I have traveled the country conserving wildlife, from collaring Grizzlies in the Cabinets of Montana to tracking Wild Turkeys of Northern Missouri. In 2013, my career led me home to the heart of Missouri where my roots began. I built a home on the family farm, built a career that allows me to help people manage their property, and developed everlasting relationships with members of my community. Looking forward, I want to build upon a career that already excites me.

To do that, I have joined Missouri Land Company, a company that believes in the power of experience and ties to the land. After working with some of the most amazing landowners, I know that each one of you has a unique interest and I am here to find the perfect fit. I will use my unique skillset to bring you to your best rural Missouri experience! Whether you are selling or buying, I believe my unique expertise, personable nature, and dedication will offer you the best experience through your real estate endeavors. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about your real estate needs.


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