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(573) 410-0229

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John Bertoni

Over the course of my upbringing up through adulthood, I have gained a strong understanding and appreciation of land. Through my lifelong, extensive hunting/fishing background, along with helping my grandpa on his farm as a kid, I have gained a deep knowledge base of specifics that I am quick to share and explain to my clients. As an Army Veteran, I gained a lot of pride and learned that I could succeed with anything I set my mind to. I am extremely versed in the Inspection aspect of property buying. I owned and operated a well-known, reputable inspection company in Quincy Illinois since 2006 and most recently sold it to make my move to central Missouri. I have a niche of what to look for in land, older homesteads, farmhouses, shouse, on up thru modern built residential homes. Maybe it is land you are looking for to build on? I have a keen sense of finding you that perfect building spot and explaining potential issues of easements, ground runoffs, sloping, walkout basements, septic layout options and so much more. Maybe you are wanting to find ground to cash rent? Or to harvest the timber? Or even do a 1031 exchange? I am fully capable to help explain the process to you and include the proper professionals to keep the buying and exchange process running smoothly so you can continue to focus on business while I handle the property transaction. Maybe you are selling that dream property. Guess what? I can make that happen as well. Marketing is another specialty of mine. As a former owner of my own business, I know all the social media angles to get the property in front of buyers. Bottom line, I am eager and capable of handling all your Real Estate needs – start to finish. Combined with the knowledge of the area and dedicated work ethic, I bring that competitive edge to the table to handle the process with skill and superior knowledge. You will be grateful to have me and Missouri Land Company representing you!

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Rather than paying property taxes and upkeep on our deceased Mother’s farmland, my brother and I decided to sell it. Three realtors reviewed the land at the side roads. A fourth walked onto a small portion of the acreage (only the residential area). But John Bertoni with Missouri Land Co took an ATV onto the property and inspected every inch! He went above and beyond throughout the entire process!

With John Bertoni and Missouri Land Company, you can expect:

  • Professionalism
  • Personable and helpful communication
  • Quick responses to questions or issues
  • 24/7 Contact (mobile phone texting and calling)
  • Empathy for emotional attachment to family land
  • Respect for the land and your family’s legacy
  • Help finding the right buyers for your acreage
  • Stress-free negotiations (John acts as the liaison)

While we were sad to sell the land in some ways, we were also thankful that the actual realty process did not cause more grief and burden. We are both so happy that we used Missouri Land Company and John Bertoni! With John’s help, we were able to get MORE for the land than we anticipated! Such an unexpected comfort in the aftermath of our Mother’s passing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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John’s Listings

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